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 My name is Ana Miljkovic Cuffini and I was born in Serbia in a little town called Kragujevac. This is a very historic place in our country and represents all the suffering during the first and second war that is still visible in our Museum in Sumarice.

I am really proud to be Serbian and be born in such an important place for our memories.

My father, Zoran, and my mother, Roksanda, have always been the greatest parents in the world and have helped me achieve all of my wishes and desires. My loving brother, Aleksandar, is my best friend who has always been there for me, always listening and understanding.
One day I decided to study Serbian Literature & Language in Pristina, the capital of Kosovo, and my parents were very confused and afraid, but again they followed my desires. And as you can imagine, yes, I lived some really hard and sad experiences through the war…

Even though everything seems to be so negative at this point, I am really happy to share this experience with you today!
After all these difficult years I have decided to actually leave my country and search for a better life and opportunities!  And here I am today! In one of the most beautiful places in the Caribbean! This paradise has completely changed my whole life in a very positive way.
Today I am married to Maximiliano Cuffini, my loving and adorable husband.  He’s everything I could wish for and I’m happy to spend the rest of my life with him!!!  We have been living in Bavaro- Punta Cana since 2001 and actually met the very first month after arriving in this paradise!
This is the story of my life that simply makes everything so beautiful!!!  And the greatest part is that I really believe that some places and some people can really change everything and do the best for each one of us, just if we search for it!!
My work experiences are somewhat confusing, but full of happiness in all senses.
When I was studying in Pristina, I also began my first classes in high school as a professo and this was something I have always dreamed of, being able to give my knowledge to someone else! It’s the best feeling ever!!!

Anyhow, my love for literature has increased my inspiration and I began to write stories, poems, songs, and essays.  This was a very enjoyable time in my life!!!
Then when I came in the Dominican Republic, I found my experiences and education really useless, and started my new search for something that I would really love to do.

And here I am today, working in Real Estate in the most successful and gorgeous place in the world!  Punta Cana Bavaro is a place full of excitement and people from everywhere, with people very similar to me who are looking for happiness.

You have to come and experience this paradise and you should definitely think of my story as a sign for a better tomorrow because this really exists!

Come and join us! I promise you will be amazed!

We have some great opportunities for your future investments and living!

And RE/MAX Tropical team will make sure you get the best deal ever!